The high card in Dragon Tiger.

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The high card in Dragon Tiger is the 10th point and the rest of the English characters are KQJ. Big card stroke count. From statistical analysis and research on the issuance of cards Dragon Tiger. That is if any side has issue small-point cards for 5 consecutive games. For example the Tiger has issued cards 1-9 for 5 games, then the next game for us. Try to bet on the tiger if the dragon still hasn’t issue 5 small cards

Because from a well-analyzed percentage. It can found that The high card will issue on the 6th time. With a chance of up to 70 percent or more. Depending on the statistical details of each gambling table, Dragon Tiger, another one that What were the stats at that time?

Remind yourself to play to the best value. 

If you want to be a successful gambler By being able to earn money from gambling online and then You must have a strong mind. because you will have to follow all the plans laid out Separate capital and profit Do not take today’s profits as capital for the next day or that day immediately. Because such actions may cause you to run out of money and have no reserves to recover your capital again. Searching for new playstyles and try to adjust the technique. Adjusting the formula of playing to suit yourself is consider to develop skills. Gamble online same good That will obviously help your online gambling experience to be more efficient. If you practice often, Dragon Tiger online

Next game you will need to increase your stake by 1 time in order to be able to call back 400 baht from the previous game. If it hasn’t refun again. You will have to increase the money by 1 times as before. Do not do this. continuously until the capital is return. And then come back to start gambling at the first price that has laid. According to the plan at UFABET