Arsenal footballer dreams see Maximin wear Arsenal

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Arsenal footballer dreams of see Maximin wear an Arsenal.

Former Arsenal defender Bacary Sagna has urged his former club to sign Alan Saint-Maximin. Premier League rivals Newcastle’s winger will add to his attacking threats next season. According to UFABET.

The French footballer became a player. Who showed outstanding form with The Magpies last season But with the fact that Eddie Howe managed to bring in many new players to join the team. They may have to let go of their existing players in order to balance their finances and Maximin’s name was one of the most talked about due to the fact that many teams were interested.

Meanwhile, although Arsenal have managed to grab two great players, Gabriel Jesus and Fabio Vieira, for a combined value of more than 85 million pounds, Sagna still believes his former club. Should be interested in drawing a star player Newcastle to join one more team. It is believed that this football will make Mikel Arteta’s offensive line even more frightening.

“I like Allan Saint-Maximin a lot, I like the way he plays that is full of tricks and skill. He’s a defender’s nightmare. He was the man who wowed the game and the audience on the pitch. and make a difference”

“I’d love to see him wear the Arsenal shirt. But I’m not sure if Arsenal will sign him. Because he probably wants to play every game,” said the former Arsenal defender.