Pogba taunts Manchester United as the cause of his stiff form

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Pogba taunts Manchester United as the cause of his stiff form

Paul Pogba, Juventus new signing of the Serie A battle. Revealed that playing for Manchester United Football Club in the English A key reason for his inability to fully leverage his form.

Pogba spent five seasons at Old Trafford when he return from Juve to Manchester United in the summer of 2016. The highest value was a world record at that time at around 89 million pounds. But he was unable to maintain consistency with the team throughout those five seasons.

The 29-year-old France international midfielder became a free agent at the end of the 2021/22 season and made his official debut with the Bianconeri a few days ago.

“I am delighted with every decision I have made in life,” Pogba said in an interview. “Sometimes decisions don’t make life the way you want. But I have enjoyed myself over the years in Manchester as I have grown, learned and matured

But having them change coaches every year is difficult for me. It’s a difficult angle for me. Then I suffered a couple of injuries, I think it was a mental thing. Not playing regularly makes us lose our rhythm.

Little by little, mixed with the coach, team, position, all that prevented me from playing at full strength. But now I’m leaving everything behind and you’ll see a new Paul, I can play better than in the past few years.

I’m happy to be back home That’s how I feel about this club. It’s more than a dream I am very please